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Help Paradise RISE!

Help Paradise RISE!Help Paradise RISE!Help Paradise RISE!

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About Us



The "Camp Fire" starting on November 8, 2018 and would end up becoming the deadliest and costliest fire in California history.  It burned 153,336 acres  and claimed the lives of 85 people.  271 people still remained unaccounted for 3 weeks after the fire was contained.  13,696 homes, 528 commercial buildings, and 4,293 other buildings were destroyed.  The city leaders report that over 95% of their town has been destroyed.



Like so many people throughout the country, we are burdened by the overwhelming need of the people of Paradise California.  In helping them RETURN, REBUILD and REFRESH, we work to help them to find hope again that the new Paradise will RISE again.



The PARADISE RISE mission is to partner with individuals and groups to mobilize a team of people and resources, partnering with the city leaders in Paradise to help the people of Paradise RETURN to a new Paradise; to help REBUILD the buildings and infrastructure of Paradise, and to help foster hope again as the new Paradise will RISE again from the ashes.

Paradise Rise Outreach Video - November 2019

This video presentation is from the Paradise Rise collaborative outreach event in Paradise, California from November 22-27, 2019.  This collaborative outreach event was between Azusa Pacific University, TEN27 Church, Neighborhood Church, VROC, the Jamison Family and the Hope Center.    In this video, we highlight the serving opportunity through the students of APU and TEN27 Church.  Through partnering together 30 people were able to serve families and organizations to help REBUILD Paradise.  

Paradise Rise Veteran Hero Story

In one of our recent trip to Paradise, CA while helping families sift through the rubble of their homes lost in the Camp Fire we were introduced to a Vietnam Veteran who's wife shared a story of his heroism in the face of danger.  

With the fire quickly approaching their community, this US Army vet went door to door of every trailer in his park to help rescue his disabled, elderly neighbors.  Many later reported that there would have been no way for them to escape on their own.  He was a true hero.

A significant find in the rubble - Pastor Josh Gallagher

Pastor Josh Gallagher of Paradise Alliance Church shares his testimony and a significant find while sifting through the rubble of his home lost in the Camp Fire, all with a team of volunteers from Samaritan's Purse.  

Song: High's & Lows by Hillsong Young & Free

A Prayer Over Paradise!

Dave Roberts has lived in Paradise since he was 16 and serves on staff along side a team of amazing servants at Paradise Alliance Church.

This video is a prayer over Paradise, its leaders and unity amongst its residents; all to see God glorified and made the cornerstone of the new Paradise Rise!

Intro to Paradise Rise!

An introduction to Paradise Rise, presented to the APU Murrieta Psychology Club.

This introduction video is hosted by L. Paul Bernard with the Azusa Pacific University's Murrieta Psychology Club.

Help the people of paradise to RETURN, REBUILD & REFRESH!

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