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The "Camp Fire" starting on November 8, 2018 and would end up becoming the deadliest and costliest fire in California history.  It ended up burning 153,336 acres while claiming the lives of 85 people.  One week after full containment was reached, 271 people still remained unaccounted for.  13,696 homes, 528 commercial buildings, and 4,293 other buildings were destroyed.  One week after full containment has been reached, the cause of the Camp Fire still is not known and remains under investigation.  We know that we HAVE to help the people of Paradise, California to RETURN, REBUILD & REFRESH!  


The story of "WHY" Paradise Rise even exists is because God called us to act! Just a few weeks ago, we all watched the news about the devastating fires that have decimated the small country town of Paradise California.  

It was announced that this fire is now the deadliest fire in California history with the death toll at 87 people.   The "Camp Fire" ripped through 153,336 acres of Northern California over 17 days this November. The town of Paradise with nearly 27,000 people is reported by locals to be nearly 95% gone, claiming 18,804 structures to date.  Their urgent needs are severe but their long term needs will persist.  This is where the opportunity for us to do something comes in.  

The Azusa Pacific University, Murrieta Psychology Club has taken the lead in seeing how they could organize a response to this need. When the news broke about this devastating fire, Paul Bernard, Faculty Advisor to the APU Murrieta Psychology Club, found out that a high school friend of his wife was also personally impacted by the fire.  Trevor Davis is a pastor in a church in Paradise, California and has been sharing details of the impact the fires has had on their community.  Professor Bernard reached out to him to find out how a team of people might be able to help outside of the immediate needs.  He mentioned in a recent email (11/14/18), "Our church is central to life in our town. FEMA is setting us up as the primary contact and 1st in line to help others. This tragedy is different then most of them as our town is pretty much a total loss.  We are setting up future plans but most of the help needed will be in the near future. Right now we are just finding peoples immediate needs for hotel lodging and food. They don't have anywhere to put stuff. Our co-shelter in Chico is stopping taking donations of stuff for now. Many people will move away. The best ways to help...Partnerships for the future. Churches to help rebuild and sift through ashes."  

Every PARADISE RISE mobilization effort is an opportunity to do something through active partnerships that could make a massive difference and will directly impact lives and literally help to RETURN, REBUILD and REFRESH Paradise and see it RISE from the ashes. 


Please join us in providing the much needed resources to help the people of Paradise, California to RETURN, REBUILD & REFRESH!  Be sure to designate your donation to "PARADISE RISE!"


Camp Fire Progression Map 11/8/18