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It is only because of our amazing partners that are we able to fulfill the mission of "Paradise Rise".  In order to help the people of Paradise to RETURN, REBUILD & REFRESH, we are going to need to secure numerous donations and contributions that will be vital to the success of the project.  

Each of our partners listed below provide a unique approach to helping meet the "Paradise Rise" mission.  Together, we can do so much more than we could ever do alone. 

Please consider how your unique position, contacts or resources can help the people of Paradise RETURN to their community, REBUILD their homes and businesses, and find hope again which helps them REFRESH!


It is not too late to become a premier partner in this tremendous effort to help the people of Paradise.  We are actively looking for generous donations to help the people to RETURN, REBUILD & REFRESH.  If you'd like more information on how to become a partner, please call: (951) 290-3052; email: or click below!

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Azusa Pacific University (APU) is a private, evangelical, Christian university located in the city of Azusa, California. The university was founded in 1899. APU offers more than 100 associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs on campus, online, and at seven regional locations across Southern California.

The APU Psychology Club, based out of the Murrieta Regional Campus, led by Assistant Professor, L. Paul Bernard, has taken the lead in seeing how they could organize a response to the tremendous need of the people of Paradise, California.  After sharing their "Paradise Rise" idea to Dr. Kathryn Ecklund, Chair of the Department of Psychology, the efforts to mobilize a collaborative team of servants began.  

APU will also be mobilizing a large group of students under the leadership of Karen Rouggly with the Center for Student Action to travel and serve the people of Paradise from February 14-18, 2019.  Their efforts to join with "Paradise Rise" will provide a significant and lasting impact in seeing the people of Paradise RETURN, REBUILD & REFRESH!

Announcement to APU Students

Like so many people throughout the country, we are burdened by the overwhelming need of the people of Paradise California.  In helping them RETURN, REBUILD and REFRESH, we work to help them to find hope again that the new Paradise will RISE again.

This video is the announcement/call for APU Department of Psychology student to mobilize to help in this PARADISE RISE outreach event.  

See YouTube video here.



The heart of the "Paradise Rise" mission is born out of partnering with the leadership of the church and more specifically with the Lead Pastor of Paradise Alliance Church, Pastor Josh Gallagher.  Pastor Josh had only just moved his family from Colorado three months before the devastating Camp Fire destroyed his new home town.  He is the first to testify that there is no doubt that God had a bigger plan and knew that he would be needed in helping the entire town RISE from the ashes.

Pastor Josh said in a recent interview, “Our church is spread out all over California and the surrounding states. That’s been the hardest part because being the shepherd, you now have no idea where your people are even at”. Pastor Josh and his family had lost their home, along with 18 of 21 families on the church’s staff—a proportion that corresponds with the degree of loss across the community.

Pastor Josh Gallagher Testimony



Pastor Josh Gallagher, who lost his home to the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, California, believes God recently called him to the area "for such a time as this," to help rebuild his community on the foundation of Jesus Christ. Samaritan's Purse is a part of that vision, coming alongside local congregations to share God's love with hurting homeowners.


Alliance Builders Foundation - ABF

In less than 6 hours, the people of Paradise, CA, lost 4,500 businesses and 14,500 single family homes. This massive devastation left countless folks without homes, resources, or hope. ABF wants to make a difference. Inspired by their love for their community and passion for helping others, ABF offers a variety of disaster relief and free rebuilding services that others do not provide.

The Alliance Builders Foundation (ABF) mobilizes volunteers from across the country to sift through the ashes of destroyed homes—searching for jewelry, coins or other keepsakes that may have survived the flames. Regardless of monetary value, discovered items often become invaluable to families who have lost everything.  Volunteers who partner with ABF will be assisting homeowners affected by the recent wildfire. 

ABF is made up of local leaders on the ground in Northern California preparing to aid families impacted by the Camp Fire. ABF teams are prepared to begin relief and recovery efforts as soon as authorities permit them to enter the communities that have been ravaged by the fire.

These joint efforts through ABF in joining with "Paradise Rise" will provide a significant and lasting impact in seeing the people of Paradise RETURN, REBUILD & REFRESH!

To find out more information about ABF, go to:

If you are a family from Paradise or the surrounding Butte County area and lost your home in the Camp Fire, please contact ABF for more information and support.  You can contact there at the website here.




Homeowners whose houses burned to the ground during the devastating Camp Fire in Paradise, California, are finding hope to start again. Samaritan's Purse staff and volunteers continue to share God's love with residents and help them locate treasured possessions in the ashes.



California fire chief Joe Tapia recalls the devastating Camp Fire that destroyed thousands of homes in the town of Paradise. Although his own house burned down, he looks forward to seeing the area recuperate and rebuild. Samaritan's Purse is part of the recovery effort, helping homeowners search for valuables and sharing with them the hope of the Gospel.



TEN27 Church is a non-denominational, Christian church and was founded in 2008 in the Temecula/Murrieta area of French Valley, California by Pastors Paul and Melanie Bernard.  The mission and vision of TEN27 Church is to live out the greatest commandment which is to "love God and love people".  Pastor Paul says, "It's the very essence of who were are as a church, as a people, as community leaders.  It's a part of our DNA."  

Under the leadership of TEN27's Outreach Ministries Pastor Keith Brano, TEN27 Church will mobilize a team of people to help, "serve the servants" on the February 14-18, 2019 outreach event to Paradise, California.  The team of people from TEN27 will look for every opportunity to serve those who travel to Paradise under the "Paradise Rise" outreach event through preparing all the meals for the four day outreach event.  The heart of their desire to, "see the need and fill it".  TEN27 Church will act as the team that helps meet the needs of those serving, through meal prep, providing water, shelter and nourishment.  

TEN27 Church is also receiving all donations and contributions for the February 14-18, 2019 outreach event to help them provide all the meals and other provisions in serving the workers who volunteer to help serve in the "Paradise Rise" outreach event In February 2019.

Click here to find out more information on how you can help partner with TEN27 Church in providing for the needs of those who serve on the February 2019 "Paradise Rise" outreach event.  

Click here to donate to TEN27 Church.  Your contribution and donation are all tax-deductible.  Please be sure to designate your donation on the TEN27 Church website to: PARADISE RISE!



While offering clients unmatched service, The Creative Bar is a top-shelf branding and advertising agency aimed to create awarded brands, designs and messaging that will deliver results. 

They state on their Facebook page, "We pride ourselves on being the catalyst for the development of unique and memorable ideas that leave a positive and lasting impression on our clients’ consumers. We are Strategists. We are Artists. We are Entertainers. We are The Creative Bar."

The Creative Bar has graciously offered to partner with the Paradise, California City Council and Mayor to plan and design the look and brand of the new Paradise.